TeleMaternal-Fetal Medicine

Improve Access to Maternal-Fetal Medicine Care with Telemedicine

Maternal-Fetal Medicine coverage for the whole continuum of maternity including preconception, antepartum, delivery, and postpartum

Overview of teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine Services and Solutions

teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine (teleMFM)

In the United States, there continues to be a shortage of obstetricians and gynecologists, which has reached a critical level. Even more so is the need for qualified OB/GYNS that specialize in Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) for women who face at-risk pregnancies whether from a problem with the mother’s health (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure) or the baby’s health (i.e., growth restriction, congenital abnormality).

Our teleMFM service allows our experts to ensure that access to an MFM is consistent and always available for an emergent or scheduled need. Our teleMFM team works in partnership with local teams, including nurses, medical assistants, sonographers and local maternity providers (e.g., obstetricians, family practitioners, and midwives) along with the patient’s hospital to ensure needed consultation, diagnosis, and treatments are provided. We help mitigate the need for any unnecessary travel or patient transfers.

Our expertise in maternal fetal medicine is across the broad range of complications that occur for women and their babies. Our team of experts allow us to bring that expertise to a wide geographic area using teleMFM capabilities. Our specialists can be available throughout pregnancy including preconception, antepartum, delivery, and postpartum. Outpatient care includes advanced ultrasound support/services within the offices of the maternity providers.

Benefits of teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine

Improved care for patients

  • Increased access to specialists not otherwise locally available
  • Faster response times to see patients
  • Supplement in-house expertise on nights and weekends

Increased throughput in OB/GYN triage or antepartum unit

  • More efficient patient treatment workflow increases speed of care

Higher patient and provider satisfaction

  • Supplement your maternal-fetal medicine coverage on nights and weekends to give your providers a break
  • Patients can remain local and receive more convenient care

Increased Quality For Maternal-Fetal Medicine

  • First, and longest-standing telemedicine organization to earn Joint Commission Accreditation (2006)
  • Comprehensive quality management program that supports evidence-based practices, tracks satisfaction levels and encourages continuous improvement of telemedicine services
  • Increased revenue by retaining higher-complexity cases
Ready to benefit from teleMFM?

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Telemedicine Platform

For organizations who have sufficient maternal-fetal medicine coverage, but want a virtual care option, our telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ, is available, with or without our providers. Our flexible, scalable, and proven enterprise telemedicine platform will help you build your own telemedicine program rapidly and sustainably.

Interactive Touchscreen Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine is so much more than a cart. We know what really matters is the quality of the interaction between clinician and patient. But, we also believe that technology can enhance that interaction. Our touch-screen telemedicine cart is just one part of the expertise and technology that makes SOC Telemed the leading acute care telemedicine company.

Is Maternal-Fetal Medicine coverage a challenge at your hospital?

Pricing for teleMFM Services

A one-time implementation fee per service line

  • Dedicated PMP-certified project expert
  • Includes Initiation & Planning, IT, Operations/Workflow, Licensing & Privileging, Orientation & Training, and Launch

An annual technology and support fee

  • Continuous 24×7 support throughout the life of the partnership including a dedicated Client Success Executive as your main point of contact
  • Varies depending on whether you use our carts or source them elsewhere

TeleMFM Consults

  • Priced like a wireless plan
  • The higher the volume, the lower the cost per consult
  • Flexible for fluctuations in demand

Revenue Cycle Management

We can provide revenue cycle management on your behalf by acting as your billing agent. We bill professional fees for every consult we conduct. Whatever we collect, net an administrative fee, we pass back to you. It’s a Win-Win.

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