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SOC Telemed helps healthcare organizations launch or expand intelligent teleNeurology, telePsychiatry and teleICU telemedicine programs to drive clinical, operational and financial success

Telemed IQ

Build, scale and optimize a world-class program with our leading turnkey telemedicine platform


Navigate complex stroke decisions and improve outcomes for emergent and general Neurology


Improve response rates and access to board-certified telePsychiatry care for your mental health patients


Provide high-quality teleICU critical care with our collaborative consultations and rounding throughout your hospital

What we offer

Best-in-class telemedicine technology and experienced physicians

We provide a supportive and dedicated partner presence for your care teams, and virtually deliver clinicians (yours and/or ours) directly to your patients. Our industry-leading reporting and analytics and Lean Six Sigma support help to optimize your workflows toward achieving improved clinical outcomes. Our flexible, enterprise telemedicine platform Telemed IQ enables you to rapidly deploy and seamlessly expand a telemedicine program by leveraging its proven and scalable infrastructure.  See our solutions for teleneurology, telepsychiatry and critical care telemedicine.

SOC Telemed by the Numbers

teleConsultations on Telemed IQ
Nationwide Hospitals
12 years
Joint Commission Accreditation
Telemedicine Coverage
Board Certified Physicians
of Consults on Video
Minutes Median Time to Video
(Emergency teleNeurology)
Employees Lean Six Sigma Certified

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To Be the Provider of Choice

Improve access to care for patients in your community via telemedicine services

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Ensure 24/7/365 Coverage

Add specialist coverage during the week and/or evenings and week days

Improve the Patient Experience

Reduce wait times and delays in providing care to patients at your facility

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Automate Reporting & Benchmarking

Meet quality reporting requirements

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Obtain or Maintain Program Accreditation

Meet accreditation requirements for stroke and other certifications

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Rank High on Clinical Outcomes & Quality of Care

Meet quality reporting requirements

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Target Operational and Clinical Performance

Demonstrate increased throughput, reduction in ALOS, improved census, etc.

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Address Workforce Satisfaction

Maintain work life balance and reduce turnover

Achieve Financial Goals

Plan for program sustainability with meaningful, demonstrable ROI

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Our Approach

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Our patient-centric approach is focused on clinical outcomes

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We pair sophisticated analytics with Lean Six Sigma principles

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We are built to help you grow rapidly and seamlessly

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We invest to drive technological and clinical advances

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Customize your solution with any clinician, any device, at any care site


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