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Consult Coordination Center

Consult Coordination Center: Nerve Center of Acute Telemedicine

designing for telemedicine

Designing Clinical Systems for Adoption of Telemedicine

Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Telemedicine

Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Telemedicine

Medical Practice for Telemedicine

How to Manage a Medical Practice for Telemedicine Physicians

Hospitalist Challenges Telemedicine Can Help Solve

Hospitalist Challenges Telemedicine Can Help Solve

Build vs. Buy

Are we still having the Build vs. Buy conversation about Telemedicine?

Telemedicine helps providers navigate increasingly complex stroke decisions

Acute Care Telemedicine

Acute Care Telemedicine: What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

Building Innovative Telemedicine Technology

People, Process and Product: Building Innovative Telemedicine Technology

New Service Lines for Telemedicine

How Should CEOs Evaluate New Service Lines for Telemedicine?

TeleNeurology and TeleStroke as a model for telemedicine growth

TeleNeurology as a Model for Telemedicine Growth: Part 1

VA Mission Act Could Have Positive Impact on Veteran Mental Health

VA Mission Act Could Have Positive Impact on Veteran Mental Health

ID Badge for Credentialing in Hospital

Credentialing, Licensing and Privileging for Telemedicine: A Primer

Stroke Awareness Month F-A-S-T

Stroke Awareness Month Reminds Providers of New Guidelines

SOC Telemed Enterprise Telemedicine Team

Enterprise Telemedicine in High Demand at American Telemedicine Conference

Woman in wheelchair hugged by daughter

Telemedicine Helps Hospitals Keep Patients Local

EMR Integration Expertise Meets Telemedicine

Improve Telemedicine Workflows Using Lean Six Sigma

From Failure to Future: The Ryan Leaf Story on Addiction Recovery

Gold Seal of Approval

What is Joint Commission Accreditation Like for a Virtual Hospital?

How Telemedicine Can Help Rural Hospitals Solve More than Staffing Challenges

New Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines Released at the International Stroke Conference

7 questions to answer before implementing telePsychiatry

Spotlight on Success: Baptist Health Achieves 18-Minute Door-to-Needle Times for Stroke Patients

Disaster Preparation for Telemedicine

Delivering Telemedicine in a Blizzard or a Hurricane: A Disaster Preparation Strategy

Help Patients By Allowing More Telemedicine

5 Things to Consider to Launch a Telemedicine Program that Succeeds—Lessons Learned After 380,000 TeleConsults

The Role of Telemedicine in Value-based Care

Reducing Door to Needle Times and Expediting Transfer for Endovascular Care

Specialists On Call's telePsychiatry Service Delivers Clinical and Financial Results - Kent Hospital*, North Carolina

Expanding Reach and Building Strong Community Hospitals with Telemedicine - Huntsville Hospital Health System, Alabama

Enhancing Neurology Care in Partnership with Specialists On Call - Community Regional Medical Center, CA

Options for Tele-Intensive Care Unit Design: Centralized Versus Decentralized and Other Considerations

Impact of nurse-led remote screening and prompting for evidence-based practices in the ICU

The costs of critical care telemedicine programs: a systematic review and analysis

Contributions of tele-intensive care unit (Tele-ICU) technology to quality of care and patient safety

Association of telemedicine for remote monitoring of intensive care patients with mortality, complications, and length of stay

Intensive Care Telemedicine: Evaluating a Model for Proactive Remote Monitoring and Intervention in the Critical Care Setting

Intensive Care Unit Telemedicine: Review and Consensus Recommendations

Effect of a multiple-site intensive care unit telemedicine program on clinical and economic outcomes: An alternative paradigm for intensivist staffing

Enhancing Neurology Care in Partnership with SOC Telemed

Telemedicine in Emergency Evaluation of Acute Stroke: Interrater Agreement in Remote Video Examination With a Novel Multimedia System

A Review of the Evidence for the Use of Telemedicine Within Stroke Systems of Care–A Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Telemedicine Quality and Outcomes in Stroke–A Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

American Telemedicine Association: Telestroke Guidelines 06.01.2017

Reducing Door-to-Needle (DTN) Times for Stroke Care Using Improved Workflows

Better ROI for Emergency Psychiatric Services

Financial sustainability is the biggest barrier to adoption of telehealth – 4/19/2017

Telemedicine reduces referrals and re-admissions by improving the ability of providers to get things right first time through easier access to specialist expertise and advice – 3/17/2016

Telemedicine as a competitive advantage during the health payment reform – 2016

Telemedicine as a growth strategy component for tackling healthcare reform  – summer 2016

Telehealth can save patients from follow-up doctor visits

Telehealth Program Brings Video Consults to Rural NY Schools

Study: Using telemedicine to acquire abortion-inducing medications safe, effective

AMD Global Telemedicine and Adventist Health Roll Out Unified Telemedicine EMR Solution

Telemedicine Can Be an Effective Way to Help People Quit Smoking

ATA, CHQI to Develop National Telemedicine Accreditation Standards

CBO Greenlights Expanded Medicare Coverage of Telehealth

National EMS Week: Thank You, EMS Personnel

Telepsychiatry, The Right Time But Not Yet In Enough Places

Teleneurology Provides Rapid Response from a Top Level Neurologist

World Stroke Day – Learn the Warning Signs of a Stroke

Alabama Broadband & Telehealth Summit Recap

Telemedicine Fosters ACO Readiness

Telemedicine Made Personal

The High Cost of Psychiatric Misdiagnoses

The Key is Collaboration

SOC and UCLA Present New Stroke Data at the International Stroke Conference

Florida Hospital CIO Offers Insight at HIMSS

SOC Participates in the Cisco Collaboration Summit

Emergency Medicine Excellence Award Goes to 7 Top Performing Florida Hospitals

Teleneurology as a Model for Telemedicine Growth: Part 2

Teleneurology as a Model for Telemedicine Growth: Part 1