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  |   December 4, 2020

How Telemedicine Can Help Keep Your Providers Safe

With the rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases in the U.S., hospitals are overwhelmed with more than 100,000 patients, much higher than in March 2020 when this blog was originally published as How to Mobilize Remote Providers During COVID-19. The information shared by Dr. Jason Hallock, Chief Medical Officer at SOC Telemed on how telemedicine can help […]

  |   November 20, 2020

How to Choose a teleNeurology Partner: Five Critical Areas to Co...

A successful teleNeurology program begins with consideration of a myriad of details that can seem overwhelming. To help, SOC has developed a resource on how to choose a teleNeurology partner, which includes five critical areas to consider. The checklist, How to Choose a teleNeurology Partner: 21 Absolutely Critical Criteria will help you address the most […]

  |   October 22, 2020

How Telemedicine Powers Fractionalized Medicine

Dr. Jason Hallock, Chief Medical Officer The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear: the business model of many hospitals is no longer viable as presently constructed, in the absence of elective procedures. The economic reality we are in demands a different strategy, one where health systems do more to optimize their spending, and weather the […]

  |   September 30, 2020

The Expanding Role of teleNeuroHospitalists: How We Got Here

By Eric Anderson, MD This June, the Journal of Neurology published a paper surveying the neurological complications from COVID-19. Whereas past coronaviruses are known predominantly as respiratory infections, COVID-19 could lead to stroke, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and encephalitis, the paper noted, while smaller studies showed cases reporting epilepsy, and acute myelitis in addition to neuropsychiatric presentations. […]

  |   September 24, 2020

What is teleICU and Why Do Critical Care Nurses Like It?

ICUs are for the sickest of the sick, who often need dramatic interventions by highly-trained physicians and nurses practicing at the top of their licenses. But, what happens when a hospital doesn’t have enough intensivists to guide patient care? More and more often, with teleICU, critical care physicians are on a video conference with staff […]

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