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  |   May 7, 2019

Hidden Heroes of Telemedicine

When your loved one is in a health care crisis, there is nothing more important than the medical team who treats them. What happens when a needed specialist is not in the building? Or even on staff at the hospital? That’s where SOC Telemed (SOC) comes in—enabling the hospital staff to connect with a specialist […]

  |   April 30, 2019

How Telemedicine Can Help Solve the Opioid Crisis

As the death toll from opioid overdose increases — with more than 130 daily opioid deaths in the U.S. — combating this national emergency becomes increasingly urgent. Government and public health officials have jumped in the fight, seeking to find effective ways to address our national opioid epidemic. One of the ideas being explored is how […]

  |   March 28, 2019

Clinical Quality Management Program in Telemedicine

For Martha Garcia, VP of Clinical Quality and Compliance for SOC Telemed (SOC), a clinical quality management program in telemedicine demands evidence-based practices, outcomes tracking and measurements, and continuous improvement.  In other words, it is no different than the clinical quality programs Garcia has created and managed at brick-and-mortar hospitals throughout her career. “I’ve been […]

  |   March 20, 2019

8 Lessons Learned After 650,000 Telemedicine Consults

SOC Telemed (SOC) has provided life-saving telemedicine since 2004. We’ve partnered with over 500 hospitals. We have developed expertise on every aspect of making a telemedicine program successful. Here’s a list of our most important lessons learned after 650,000 telemedicine consults: It isn’t about the cart. Don’t get us wrong, we love carts. We can talk […]

  |   March 12, 2019

Mitigating Liability Risk in Telemedicine

According to the American Hospital Association, more than three-quarters of hospitals are currently using or implementing telehealth. This rapid-fire spread of utilization in acute settings is in part attributed to telemedicine’s capacity for improved quality of care, patient outcomes, and cost efficiencies. Despite these advantages, hospitals need to mitigate liability risk in telemedicine. Hospital systems […]