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  |   May 10, 2021

How Telemedicine Can Help Prepare for the Next Pandemic

By Mauricio Sirvent When the pandemic spread wildly in March of last year, hospitals around the world were suddenly stretched thin. In an ideal world, the pandemic would have been the perfect opportunity to deploy an acute care telemedicine solution; to meet the overwhelming demand for emergency care with better incoming patient assessments, access to […]

  |   May 5, 2021

Telemedicine for Mental Health During the Pandemic

By Traci Richards, Ph. D., Manager of Behavioral Health Services, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare Chesapeake Regional Medical Center scales up telePsychiatry during the pandemic and finds some care delivery best practices along the way Chesapeake Regional Medical Center has collaborated with SOC Telemed for on-demand access to board-certified psychiatrists since 2014. In partnership with our in-house physicians, these psychiatrists use remote technology to assess mental health patients […]

  |   April 27, 2021

TelePsychiatry Rising to Meet Mental Health Surge

By Dr. John Kenny I first started noticing it in February. We got more calls, more cases while on shift, and more text messages asking us to take cases while off shift. After all, that’s what telePsychiatry does: it adjusts to meet surges in volume or scales down as necessary. Even if SOC doesn’t have […]

  |   April 20, 2021

How teleICU Solves the Challenge of Cost-Effective ICU Staffing

The challenge of cost-effective ICU staffing is easy to sum up: how to match high variability in patient acuity and volume with the fixed costs of staffing, space, and equipment to care for those patients. Easy to sum up—yet difficult to address. As a 2012 article from Health Management, ICU explains: The complexity of the […]

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