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  |   February 25, 2021

7 Lessons in Communication from a teleNeurology Practice

By Tamika Burrus, MD One of my first remote consults as a teleNeurologist involved a case where a psychiatry patient stated someone was talking to him through the television. The patient had had a stroke, seen incidentally on a scan the day before, but he also suffered from depression, and the on-site care team had […]

  |   February 17, 2021

Why Acute Care Telemedicine is Different than Consumer Telehealt...

John Kalix, SOC Telemed CEO, recently joined John Lynn, the founding editor of Healthcare IT Today to discuss why acute care telemedicine is different than consumer telehealth, and its unique role in the growing telemedicine industry. In a two-part series, we’ll outline key takeaways about the fundamental differences between consumer telehealth and acute care telehealth, […]

  |   February 11, 2021

TeleNeurology Offers Real-Time Clinician Collaboration

By Dr. Susanna Horvath One of the most gratifying and counterintuitive surprises of my career is how teleNeurology offers real-time clinician collaboration. That might seem like an odd claim considering what’s going on in the world. Over the last ten months, many who worked in an office setting have transitioned to working from home. As […]

  |   January 1, 2021

Acute Telemedicine in 2020: A Wrap Up

Our SOC Telemed blog focused on practical advice and insight about acute telemedicine in 2020. Topics such as teleNeurology, COVID-19, teleICU, and The Future of Healthcare proved most popular. Let’s take a look back… Building a telemedicine training program for clinicians Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahim, Manager of Clinical Training and Education at SOC Telemed, details […]

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