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  |   June 1, 2020

Hurricane Season Adds Urgency to Telemedicine Implementations

As Hurricane Season draws nearer—the formal beginning of the season is recognized as June 1—many hospitals are already overwhelmed with patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic or anticipating a “second surge.” This adds urgency to telemedicine implementations because these facilities may need additional support should an unforeseen natural disaster compound capacity issues onsite. Fortunately, SOC […]

  |   May 8, 2020

Coronavirus and Strokes: A teleNeurology Perspective

By Dr. Eric Anderson, Chair of Neurology Recent news and clinical reports raise the alarming incidence of strokes in COVID-19 patients younger than 50. As the largest teleNeurology practice in the United States, we typically see over 7,000 neurological consults each month across the nation which gives us access to several of these cases. We […]