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  |   August 30, 2019

Revenue Cycle Management for Telemedicine

It is time to rethink revenue cycle management for telemedicine. When billing insurers for professional services, most physicians allow the hospital they serve to handle the billing through reassigned benefits (billing rights), or they manage it themselves. However, when a hospital contracts with a telemedicine company with geographically-distributed physicians, it is best for the hospital […]

  |   August 20, 2019

Telemedicine: Reassuring Patients, Families and Doctors Alike

When medical emergencies arise, we all hold the underlying expectation that the staff onsite at the hospital can provide needed care. But what happens when the required specialist isn’t in the building, or even on staff at the hospital? Many hospitals choose to staff telemedicine physicians, specialists and nurses in departments where they are short-staffed […]

  |   July 26, 2019

How Telemedicine Addresses Hospitalist Staffing Challenges

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a shortage of 45,000 primary care doctors and 46,000 surgeons and medical specialists by 2020. Due to this, an increasing number of hospitals are moving to a hospitalist model, often motivated by a search for increased quality and efficiency in patient care. When appropriately utilized, hospitalists provide benefits […]