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  |   April 27, 2022

Telemedicine: Best-Kept Secret to Help Retain Nurses?

From Rhode Island to California, healthcare leaders have for more than a year been confronting a common challenge: a critical shortage of nurses. In December last year, Kentucky’s governor declared an emergency over the state’s chronic lack of nursing staff. An editorial about the nursing shortage in the Peoria Star Journal of Illinois asked: “Why […]

  |   April 6, 2022

Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals – Spri...

Visit us at the TORCH Conference April 19-21 to learn more about the work our team is doing to help rural hospitals meet the needs of their patients, keep them closer to home, and improve financial performance. Talk with our team about the variety of telemedicine opportunities that exist for your hospital and learn more […]

  |   April 5, 2022

Three Benefits of an Inpatient TeleNephrology Program

The case for an inpatient teleNephrology program is not unlike that for other subspecialties via telemedicine: a rising disease burden combined with an increasing shortage of specialists. Like specialties more traditionally associated with telemedicine (such as neurology), having a team of nephrologists available via telemedicine to complement onsite clinicians can help hospitals avoid transferring patients […]

  |   April 1, 2022

TeleMaternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists – Megan Brown

Specialty telemedicine offers an immediate solution to specialty shortages, as hospitals and health systems can get the most out of available resources rather than competing to recruit and retain a limited pool of physicians. SOC Telemed’s programs partner with hospitals to implement specialty care service lines that can stand alone or can augment on-site physician […]

  |   March 31, 2022

Reducing Transfers for Cardiology Patients – Cuero Regiona...

Avoiding transfers. Keeping patients closer to home. Our telecardiology partnership with Cuero Regional Hospital in just one year resulted in more than 100 patients avoiding transfer to remote hospitals. Download the case study to learn more about how that partnership: Accelerated the time to receiving care. Promoted the delivery of integrated care. Increased nurse and physician satisfaction. […]

  |   March 29, 2022

TeleEndocrinology for Chronic Disease Management

A 45-year-old female with new onset Type 2 diabetes comes for an appointment at a health system’s primary care office or clinic. She has a Hemoglobin A1C of 15 percent—and she is having trouble managing it. Her primary care provider prescribes Metformin and talks to her about needed dietary changes. But, after three months, her […]

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