About Us

SOC Telemed was founded in 2004 by a group of physicians with a vision: that high-quality specialty clinical care could be delivered at scale through technology. Our mission ever since has been to provide rapid access to emergency care, while improving patient outcomes in a measurable way.

What we do

SOC Telemed is a nationwide leader in the ever-emerging field of acute telemedicine. Our clients include 19 out of 25 largest health systems in the nation, and we’ve enabled nearly 1,000 facilities in 47 states to manage complex, acute workflows and provide life-saving care.

The future of Telemedicine is Acute Care

Why are so many healthcare organizations deploying acute care telemedicine in their EDs and ICUs?

The U.S. projects a shortage of more than 60,000 specialty physicians by 2025. Forty percent of physicians will reach retirement age in the next decade. And in rural communities, nine percent of physicians are asked to care for almost a quarter of Americans.

Acute telemedicine is a powerful solution.

Who we are

The leaders at SOC are a group with wide experience across hospitals, health care, technology and business. But we share one thing in common. Together, we are collectively driven to ensure access to the best specialty care in the U.S., for every patient at every hospital.

Our approach

How to join us

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The Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval

We were the first private acute care telemedicine provider to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and have maintained that accreditation every year since inception.

URAC Accreditation

Achievement of the URAC Telehealth Accreditation seal is a mark of high-performing telehealth providers who believe in and practice excellence.URAC’s telehealth accreditation standards were developed in consultation with leading experts in the telehealth industry, including representatives from health care providers, technology firms, consumer organizations, insurers, and academics. Industry best practices were identified in areas such as quality and coordination of care, access, safety, systems integrity and reliability, consumer protection and empowerment, and regulatory comp