Where we come from

Founded by physicians in 2004, SOC started as a clinical services telemedicine group passionate about patient care and has grown to become a national leading telemedicine provider. That passion has only heightened across the years as the lessons of growth have strengthened our approach. We have since invested heavily to create a robust telemedicine infrastructure that effectively serves partners and exceeds expectations.

It is our fundamental belief that success comes from comprehensive solutions that deliver clinical care at scale. We are here to partner with you to do just that.

What we provide

Our teleNeurologytelePsychiatry and teleIntensivist  services provide innovative, cost-effective answers for hospitals nationwide seeking immediate 24/7 access to experienced, board certified specialists. Our telemedicine platform solution, Telemed IQ, allows hospitals to build a telemedicine program using their own physicians to suit their unique needs while leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and operating platform, best-in-class reporting & analytics, and physician network.


Partner with us for your telemedicine needs

Our approach

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Equally or more important to us is not just what we provide but how we provide it.

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The premise of SOC is partnership. We are not interested in just showing up to do a teleconsult.

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Many can help you go live with a telemedicine program, but we can help you achieve clinical and financial success that is sustainable.

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Our commitment requires us to invest in our client hospitals and other providers, and we do. That’s what enables us to deliver world-class patient care as a leading telemedicine provider—a vision that we are privileged to share with our hospital and other provider partners.

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Our commitment to service is strong. For the past two years, SOC has conducted stroke education and community service events for the local Reston area. This year, over 40 employees volunteered to prepare and serve lunch at the nearby Embry Rucker homeless shelter and to conduct a Stroke Awareness and Education presentation at the Reston Library.

The Joint Commission’s gold seal of approval

We were the first private acute care telemedicine provider to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and have maintained that accreditation every year since inception.

CHQI Accreditation

CHQI is an independent health care accrediting body that offers the only telemedicine or telehealth accreditation program backed by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). Access CHQI Accreditation Directory Here