Physician Groups

SOC Telemed supports large specialty physician groups seeking a telemedicine solution for routine, emergency, and follow-up care.

The Challenge for Physician Groups

Specialist program providers operate amidst challenging market conditions, including:

  1. Specialist shortages and burnout
  2. Resourcing obstacles from hospital programs as they expand or shrink
  3. Reoccurring short-term resource demand from hospitals which strains staff
  4. Complex and constantly-changing billing and reimbursement rules

Telemedicine Can Help

Physician practices and telemedicine are a natural fit: the scalable and flexible nature of an enterprise-wide telemedicine platform drives optimization of provider resources across facilities, enabling the best use of limited resources, optimizing coverage, and managing costs.

Efficiently Deploy Your Clinical Capital

Virtual placement of your clinical resources can lead to significant operational, financial, and efficiency gains, improving your organization’s agility and profitability.

Effective deployment of telemedicine is a complex orchestration between the patient, remote clinician, and onsite clinician(s). With our advanced technology and workflows, your healthcare organization can intelligently match your clinicians with patients on-demand.

Our industry-leading telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ, enables your healthcare group to virtually deploy your clinical resources to serve multiple organizations across a single shift. When strategically added to traditional staffing models, remote physicians can provide outstanding care, manage unexpected surges, and flex to whatever level of clinician coverage is necessary in real-time at a fraction of the cost.

Create Virtual Capacity

With SOC Telemed, your providers can be deployed to any location, whether the consultation is on-demand or a scheduled follow-up. You can remove idle time, drive time, and the time spent between patient interactions, boosting productivity and efficiency dramatically across the course of a shift.  Improved efficiency creates additional virtual capacity, allowing you to load balance clinical supply to match demand across your healthcare ecosystem.

Respond to Provider Shortages

Today’s physician organizations face a steep slope of case-index curve and scarce resources. With variable patient volumes and looming pandemic surges, telemedicine can support the unexpected.

With expert clinical back-up from SOC Telemed, you can feel confident that your clinical team is ready to handle surges quickly, effectively, and safely.

Protect Your Providers

Telemedicine is already playing a critical role in the protection of providers during the pandemic. There is no better PPE than a telemedicine visit. Virtual visits prevent provider infections and allow high-risk or quarantined clinicians to continue treating patients safely.

SOC is the leader in telemedicine for Physician Groups

With SOC, Become a Better Hospital Partner

Growth Management

When your hospital partner needs additional specialist coverage, but the demand doesn’t yet justify a full-time hire, it’s unlikely your specialist program can easily add a part-time or partial shift coverage. This means your new full-time resources are underutilized and likely losing money. But with the Telemed IQ telemedicine platform, you can enable fractionalization of your specialist capacity across multiple facilities to avoid taking on underutilized specialists and unnecessary added expenses.

Ad-Hoc Coverage Gaps

Last-minute coverage can cost twice the market rate to obtain and may require emergency privileges. These kinds of arrangements are not ideal for your hospital partners, your specialist program, and are a potential red flag for The Joint Commission.

With SOC Telemed, your practice is always prepared to support hospital partners. Telemed IQ facilitates the rapid deployment of specialists to disparate hospitals, giving you coverage when you need it most. SOC’s predictive supply and demand modeling enables redundancy of clinician availability in coverage gaps, vacation and sick time, and urgent resource demands.

Care Delivery Resource Optimization

Your hospital partner seeks specialist programs that are clinically, operationally, and financially sound. Your programs must account for the clinical resource mix and the assignment of roles and responsibilities in each clinical use case to ensure that your resources are optimized and productive, working in a model that doesn’t undercut reimbursements.

Your practice needs the right balance of coverage and demand. Optimizing face-to-face evaluation and interaction with patients is at the heart of revenue generation. SOC’s telemedicine platform supports local specialists, advanced practice providers, and remote physicians. Telemed IQ’s clinical workflows are optimized to utilize each of these resources together to minimize cost overhead and maximize revenue and reimbursement.

Nighttime Coverage

When your hospital partners seek nighttime coverage, but the demand doesn’t justify a nocturnist hire, an enterprise-wide telemedicine platform can solve the dilemma. Your practice can enable fractionalization and augmentation of a specialist so that an individual specialist can be shared across multiple facilities and their utilization maximized, even at night.

ICU Management

If your hospitalists manage a single, local ICU, they may have limited time or availability to attend to admissions, rounds, follow-ups, and discharges. With SOC Telemed, you can partner with hospitals to provide teleHospitalist and/or teleICU services, coordinate with the onsite care team, support emergency consultations, and manage critical patients in the ICU and elsewhere in the hospital, all remotely.

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