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Enterprise-wide telemedicine: a medical force multiplier

SOC Telemed and our partners provide government agencies with 24/7 access to immediate high-touch clinical care world-wide through technology and clinical, operational, and service support.

The Challenge for Government Groups

Government agencies and government-run health systems are embarking on an ambitious journey to scale virtual health programs and reach patients in a wide variety of clinical environments.

Many government organizations already benefit from telehealth platforms for the distance treatment of patient populations. Across the country, federal and state government agencies are considering the value of such programs.

However, effective telemedicine programs and platforms are not easily achieved. As the vendor of choice for healthcare delivery across the U.S., SOC Telemed is often the most effective path for agencies to build and sustain programs with efficacy at scale. As the first virtual health company to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, SOC Telemed is adamant that patient safety and quality are fundamental components of its culture.

Solutions Capabilities

Industry-Leading Technology

We provide government organizations, and their patients access to immediate, high-touch clinical care and care teams via our industry-leading telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ.

Telemed IQ delivers interactive, high-quality patient interactions in any care setting, in any geographic location in the world using an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant bi-directional video and audio platform.

Built on proven and scalable infrastructure, Telemed IQ rapidly deploys telemedicine programs and creates tangible efficiencies in healthcare delivery. Our patient-centric care model has been battle-tested after providing specialty care for 17+ years (both literally and figuratively) through over 3 million consults to date.

SOC Telemed’s data-powered approach enables increased throughput, facilitating faster response rates to see patients. Plus, data insights from the technology help power improved and measurable patient outcomes.

Implementation & Training

Few companies have operationalized or supported an effective telehealth program, and even less have done it on an enterprise scale. An experienced partner should be leveraged to every extent possible during program design, implementation, and management.

SOC Telemed knows that a well-designed implementation process is critical for an enterprise-scale telemedicine program. Training should be delivered as part of an education and engagement process to reduce execution risk associated with stakeholder resistance. Prior to go-live, key participants will demonstrate comfort with the protocols and proficiency through practice and mock scenarios.

Driving adoption and utilization

An effective telehealth program includes ongoing stakeholder engagement mechanisms, feedback loops, and key performance indicators that provide actionable insights into the program’s utilization measures to ensure successful adoption. Effective adoption-management initiatives can help increase the comfort-level of end-users and administrators, allowing for telehealth programs to gain momentum.

Change management and strategic communication

When implementing enterprise-scale telehealth operations, stakeholder buy-in should be a priority. Stakeholder perceptions matter and can either reinforce or inhibit a telehealth program. Effective change management and strategic communication initiatives can improve comfort-levels and support key program participants for program success.

Ongoing project management and support

As the scope of services grows in government enterprise virtual health programs, complexities of operational interdependency can become more prevalent. Every branch in the telehealth program tree has the potential to impact other branches through connected processes, workflows, or shared resources. As program complexity increases, ongoing program evaluation and management is essential to continual program success.

Program management should be data-driven. Visibility into key performance metrics and targeted data analytics allow program administrators to make targeted adjustments and achieve operational foresight to limit the impact of complex interdependencies involved in large-scale operations.


We are built to help your programs grow seamlessly in conjunction with operations. The Telemed IQ telemedicine platform is in use at more than 1,000 facilities nationwide and additional care sites across the globe. SOC Telemed uses this platform for mission-critical service to clients and their patients.

SOC is the leader in telemedicine for Government Groups

Showcasing SOC Telemed’s Value to Government Organizations


Our patient-first approach is outcome-focused and metrically driven. SOC Telemed partners enjoy a multitude of improved care processes, including increased tPA administration rate (a life-saving neurological treatment), faster emergency psychiatric assessments, and more effective ICU rounds.


We pair sophisticated analytics with Lean Six Sigma principles that guide continuous improvement.


We drive new capabilities with significant ongoing investment in our clinical services and Telemed IQ platform.


Whether you rely on SOC Telemed providers or your providers, our platform offers the flexibility to provide care on any device, at any communications-enabled location, and at any time.


Created to handle the size and complexity of the government enterprise.

Planning and implementation

Our experienced team of project management, program development, and communications professionals ensure success with solution implementation at an enterprise scale.

Contract vehicle

Multiple contracting partners to serve your needs.

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