Emergency telePsychiatry Platform Overview

SOC’s Emergency telePsychiatry Platform provides 24/7 cost-effective coverage for hospitals with limited or no psychiatrist coverage. The service covers all psychiatry patients presenting in the ED but can be activated anywhere in the hospital. Though the Service Level Agreement for emergent consults has a 120 minute time window to video, the median time to have a SOC psychiatrist ready to see a patient is 54 minutes. Transition orders can also be provided by SOC to facilitate patient admittance from ED to inpatient floor.

Our commitment to quality and the patient experience is of great important to us. Others may measure response time as the time from a request for consult to a call back. We measure it as the time for one of our psychiatrists to be on video. We firmly believe that the best patient care and patient experience needs a video interaction and not just a phone conversation and 98% of our consults are conducted by video.

Our Emergency TelePsychiatry Platform Can Assist With:

Imminent threat of self-harm (or harm to others)

Involuntary commitments (IVCs)

SI/HI risk assessment

Grossly psychotic

Anxiety / Panic / PTSD


Substance abuse

How can you get started?

We can help you put together a clear picture. We’ll work with you to estimate the return on investment that you’ll see when you add the strength of a telemedicine program to assist with your psychiatry patients. Get in touch with us to set your estimate in motion.


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