Consult & Liaison Psychiatry Services Overview

SOC’s Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry solution covers patients located on the medical/surgical floors of the hospital. Patients are seen on the same day or next day depending on time to request the consult.

Our rapidly expanding telePsychiatry offerings are proven with a monthly case load averaging 2,500 consultations. Not only do we have experience with high volumes, but our physician psychiatry network also brings deep and broad experience to every interaction. Because our experts work together collaboratively within our network, they have the opportunity to share clinical practice and research knowledge with one another, often real-time in support of a live consult, which ultimately works to elevate the overall quality of care provided by our psychiatric practice.

Our Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry Solution Can Assist With:

Change in mental health status since admission

Medication management or interactions

Delirium with or without Dementia

Issues on decision making capacity [capacity evaluations]



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