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Our telePsychiatry Platform and Solutions Address the 55% Growth Rate in Psychiatric Visits to Emergency Departments

SOC telePsychiatry Solutions and Services by the Numbers

  • 250,000+ teleConsultations
  • 500+ Hospitals
  • Nationwide Telemedicine Coverage
  • 98% Of Consults By Video
  • >40% Involuntary Commitment Reversal Rates
  • 42,000+ Involuntary Commitment Cases
  • 10+ Avg. SOC Physicians' Experience (in years)

telePsychiatry Platform Overview

At our core, the premise of SOC is partnership. We put our promises into practice as we reduce the average length of psychiatric patient stays, increase discharge rates, allow for faster response rates to see patients, reduce boarding costs, and increase Emergency Department bed capacity via our telePsychiatry platform and services. We have the data to prove it, and you will be able to watch your own proof materialize as we track and share your success rates with our telePsychiatry platform all along the way.

telePsychiatry Solutions Offered

Emergency telePsychiatry

For non-admitted patients typically seen in the ED, but the emergency telePsychiatry service can be activated anywhere. Patients are seen within 2 hours with priority given to minors and patients in restraints.
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Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry

Scheduled consult and liaison telePsychiatry for admitted patients with underlying psychiatric complications that do not have a time dependent urgency. Typically, the patient is receiving care for a medical condition and has a coexisting condition, which requires a psychiatrist’s assistance.
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Reduction in Average Length of Stay

  • Faster response times to see patients
    • Currently, our median time to have a SOC telePsychiatrist ready on video is 54 minutes.
  • Increased discharge rates.
    • Our involuntary commitment reversal rate averages over 40% nationwide.
  • Reduction in boarding costs.
  • Reduction in other direct expenses (such as sitter fees, security costs, etc.).

Increased ED Bed Capacity

  • Re-allocation of bed time to higher acuity patients.
  • Increased revenue by reducing opportunity costs from psychiatric patients.

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