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Our experienced psychiatrists can provide mental health coverage in emergent cases as well as inpatient psychiatry consultations for admitted patients.

Overview of telePsychiatry Services and Solutions

Emergency telePsychiatry

Our emergency telePsychiatry service provides experienced specialists for all psychiatric diagnoses, anywhere in the hospital. The service covers all psychiatry patients presenting in the ED but can be activated anywhere in the hospital. Examples of emergency telePsychiatry consultations:

  • Imminent threat of self-harm
  • Violent or threatening behavior
  • Bizarre behavior or acute agitation (change in mental status)
  • Homicidal risk or suicide attempt
  • Anxiety/panic disorders/ PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder/depression
  • Mood disorders/schizophrenia
  • Psychiatric medical management/optimization
  • Grossly psychotic
  • Substance Abuse
  • Involuntary commitments (IVCs)

This service is for non-admitted patients typically seen in the Emergency Department, but the service can be activated anywhere in the hospital.

Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry

Our Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry service is focused on admitted patients in the hospital setting when the treating medical team has questions about a patient’s mental health or how that patient’s mental health is affecting his or her care and treatment.  Examples of Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry consultations:

  • Patients with medical conditions that result in psychiatric or behavioral symptoms, such as delirium
  • Assisting with assessment of the capacity of a patient to consent to treatment
  • Patients who may report physical symptoms as a result of a mental disorder, or patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms
  • Patients who have attempted suicide or self-harm

Our providers can also assist with assessments of the capacity of a patient to consent to treatment, patients who report physical symptoms as a result of a mental disorder, or patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms.

Scheduled Consult & Liaison telePsychiatry is available for admitted patients with underlying psychiatric complications that do not have a time dependent urgency. Typically, the patient is receiving care for a medical condition and has a coexisting condition, which requires a psychiatrist’s assistance. Patients are seen on the same day or next day depending on time to request the consult.

TelePsychiatry Platform

For organizations who have sufficient psychiatry coverage, but want a virtual care option, our telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ, is available, with or without our psychiatrist providers. Our flexible, scalable, and proven enterprise telemedicine platform will help you build your own telePsychiatry program rapidly and sustainably. Any videoconferencing solution can help you see patients, but our platform provides the ability to track metrics such as average length of psychiatric patient stays, discharge rates, response times, and involuntary commitment (IVC) reversals, as well as let you benchmark your performance among your peer hospitals and nationwide.

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How does telePsychiatry work?

When a patient with mental health or substance abuse issue arrives at the ED, they are triaged similar to any other illness. Once any medical issues are established or eliminated, the patient is typically isolated and monitored closely. Hospitals request a telePsychiatry consult and the patient is seen by the remote psychiatrist. Treatment options are discussed with the patient, patient’s family and onsite staff.

Benefits of telePsychiatry

Improved care for mental health patients

  • Increased access to specialists not otherwise locally available
  • Faster response times to see patients during a mental health crisis
  • Increased medically-appropriate discharge rates
  • SOC’s involuntary commitment (IVC) reversal rate averages over 40% nationwide

Increased throughput in the ED

  • More efficient patient treatment workflow reduces boarding time
  • Eliminate long wait times for all patients—not just mental health
  • Reduce patients leaving without being seen (LWBS)
  • Reduction in Average Length of Stay (ALOS) for all patients
  • Increased ED bed capacity for higher acuity patients

Higher patient and provider satisfaction

  • Reassurance for patients and families of expert psychiatric care
  • Reduction in incidences of verbal abuse or violent encounters for your providers with reduced length of stay
  • Supplement your psychiatric coverage on nights and weekends to give your providers a break

Increased Quality for Psychiatry

Improved financial position

  • Reduction of locum tenens and recruiting costs
  • Increased revenue by reducing opportunity costs from psychiatric patients
  • Reduction in boarding costs
  • Reduction in other direct expenses (such as sitter fees, security costs, etc.).

Improved standardization and efficiency

  • Detailed insights from reporting on ALOS, IVC Reversals, Discharge rates
  • Benchmarking against peer hospitals by geography or hospital category
  • Active practice management to drive continuous improvement with telePsychiatry

The most effective telePsychiatry programs focus on providing interdisciplinary care to psychiatric patients in crisis right away—using a patient-centered, team-based, non-coercive approach. 

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SOC telePsychiatry Solutions and Services

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Pricing for telePsychiatry Services

A one-time implementation fee per service line

  • Dedicated PMP-certified project expert
  • Includes Initiation & Planning, IT, Operations/Workflow, Licensing & Privileging, Orientation & Training, and Launch

A monthly technology and support fee

  • Continuous 24×7 support throughout the life of the partnership including a dedicated Client Success Executive
  • Varies depending on whether you use our carts or source them elsewhere

TelePsychiatry Consults

  • Priced like a wireless plan
  • The higher the volume, the lower the cost per consult
  • Flexible for fluctuations in demand

Revenue Cycle Management

SOC Telemed’s Revenue Cycle Management program is designed specifically for telehealth services. We work to capture the available revenue from payers and patients to use that revenue to reduce our telemedicine services’ overall cost for our clients.

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Interactive Touchscreen Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine is so much more than a cart. We know what really matters is the quality of the interaction between clinician and patient. But, we also believe that technology can enhance that interaction. Our touch-screen telemedicine cart is just one part of the expertise and technology that makes SOC Telemed the leading acute care telemedicine company.

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