Inpatient teleNeurology Solutions Overview

SOC offers an inpatient teleNeurology solution that is focused on admitted patients in the hospital setting. These cases are typically more clinically complex and are therefore a scheduled offering to ensure appropriate access to the patient’s family members or caregivers as well as to provide sufficient time for the nursing teams to coordinate in support of the consult. Although the consult is scheduled, the request for consult may be initiated 24/7. If requested before noon, the consult is scheduled for the same day before 7pm and otherwise is scheduled by noon on the following day. Learn more about our main teleNeurology offering.

Representative conditions include, but are not limited to:

TIA/Stroke follow-up

Vertigo/gait and balance issues

Management of seizures, to include medication adjustments

Movement disorders / Parkinson’s / tremor


Neuropathy/neuromuscular consultation

Reducing Length of Stay and Benefiting from Meaningful Cost Savings

Our hospital partners report a demonstrable ROI from the ability to discharge patients earlier with a teleconsultation.


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