Rapidly implement a telemedicine platform

Protecting your providers from COVID-19 is the #1 way to continue to care for patients

Implement hospital-based telemedicine to mobilize your physicians for remote work

Your hospital is experiencing an influx of critically-ill patients into the emergency room due to the COVID-19 virus. Your priority is protecting providers and patients. Using hospital-based telemedicine can help:


  • Limit clinician exposure to COVID-19 and minimize risk of infection
  • Limit physical strain and exhaustion
  • Provide intelligent load balancing across departments and facilities


  • Allow quarantined, high risk or tired providers to continue treating patients without risk of transmission
  • Maximize clinician capacity with efficient deployment
  • Flex capacity to serve partner facilities with the highest need

Protecting your clinicians should be your #1 priority while facing the COVID-19 pandemic. By deploying acute (hospital-based) telemedicine in your emergency department and other locations in your hospital(s), you can allow your specialty physicians to work from home and still serve your patients.

High-Impact Specialty Programs can be implemented and deployed in less than 72 hours for:

  • Hospitalists
  • Neurologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Intensivists/ICU/Critical Care
  • Emergency Medicine

COVID-19 Telemed IQ RAPID Deployment

SOC Telemed’s mission to facilitate access to care has never been more relevant than it is today. We’re prepared to stand by your side as you lead us through this unprecedented pandemic. In order to protect scarce clinical resources and manage volatile surges in patient demand our implementation team found a way to condense implementation and rapidly deploy a telemedicine program that will maximize your clinical capacity.

Includes Everything you Need to Go Live Now

  • Use your own equipment (after quick compatibility test)
  • Video technology services
  • Call center management
  • Consult intake automation
  • Intelligent physician scheduling and dispatch/assignment tools
  • Mobile application for providers
  • Clinical documentation
  • 24/7 support
  • Reporting & analytics

About SOC Telemed

Over the last 15 years, SOC Telemed has delivered over one million consults for acute care hospitals for clinically-complex specialties. We have learned some valuable lessons about acute telemedicine and developed expertise on every aspect of making a program successful. SOC is the largest acute telemedicine provider in the US and has deep experience in deploying on-demand telemedicine in specialties such as ICU, hospitalist, cardiology, neurology, and psychiatry. Using our telemedicine platform (proven in 500+ hospitals across the U.S.), we can use your providers and have you up and running with telemedicine in as little as 72 hours. 

Rapid Telemedicine Implementation Resources