Improve Access to Endocrinology Care with Telemedicine

Endocrinology coverage in emergent cases as well as inpatient endocrinology consultations for admitted patients.

Overview of teleEndocrinology Services and Solutions


For almost the past decade, teleEndocrinology services, which allows for the remote diagnosis and treatment of such diseases as diabetes, metabolic disorders, acute adrenal crisis and hyponatremia, have grown in use throughout the United States and particularly many rural areas.

Whether it is in an emergency room or an inpatient unit, our expert board certified endocrinologists can consult, diagnose and help treat all types of endocrine conditions. Our specialists are deeply experienced in handling all varieties of endocrine issues and provide rapid real-time access and review of various diagnostic tests and can provide consultations as needed and on a follow-up basis.

Telemedicine allows for the ability to extend services to the underserved throughout rural and urban markets in the United States. Whether helping patients lower their hemoglobin A1c or improving dyslipidemia, patient-centered care is at the forefront of our goal in removing barriers to specialist care.

Endocrinology Telemedicine Platform

For organizations who have sufficient endocrinology coverage, but want a virtual care option, our telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ, is available, with or without our providers. Our flexible, scalable, and proven enterprise telemedicine platform will help you build your own telemedicine program rapidly and sustainably.

Interactive Touchscreen Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine is so much more than a cart. We know what really matters is the quality of the interaction between clinician and patient. But, we also believe that technology can enhance that interaction. Our touch-screen telemedicine cart is just one part of the expertise and technology that makes SOC Telemed the leading acute care telemedicine company.

Is Endocrinology coverage a challenge at your hospital?

Benefits of teleEndocrinology

Improved care for endocrine patients

  • Increased access to specialists not otherwise locally available
  • The ability to recognize the need for medication adjustments
  • Reinforce education and treatment plans

Higher patient and provider satisfaction

  • Allow patients, including complex cases, to receive care closer to home by expert specialists
  • Supplement your endocrinology coverage on nights, weekends, or as needed to give your providers a break

Increased Quality for Endocrinology

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Pricing for teleEndocrinology Services

A one-time implementation fee per service line

  • Dedicated PMP-certified project expert
  • Includes Initiation & Planning, IT, Operations/Workflow, Licensing & Privileging, Orientation & Training, and Launch

An annual technology and support fee

  • Continuous 24×7 support throughout the life of the partnership including a dedicated Client Success Executive as your main point of contact
  • Varies depending on whether you use our carts or source them elsewhere

TeleEndocrinology Consults

  • Priced like a wireless plan
  • The higher the volume, the lower the cost per consult
  • Flexible for fluctuations in demand

Revenue Cycle Management

We can provide revenue cycle management on your behalf by acting as your billing agent. We bill professional fees for every consult we conduct. Whatever we collect, net an administrative fee, we pass back to you. It’s a Win-Win.

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