Your Single Partner for Acute Telemedicine Solutions

We provide the telemedicine know-how to help you build a world-class program in any clinical specialty and achieve a new level of care for your patients.

Our comprehensive and integrated approach to telemedicine includes multiple specialty solutions for acute care, and the proven technology of the leading acute care telemedicine platform, Telemed IQ.

We help you drive a service delivery approach that provides the efficiency, the access and the flexibility you need to achieve your clinical, operational and financial goals.

How We Help:

  • With a 24/7/365 Consult Coordination Center and a fleet of specialty physicians at the ready, we provide around the clock service and patient care, when and where you need it.
  • As an operations partner, we provide a dedicated customer success team to help manage and optimize your program’s day-to-day activities.
  • As practitioners of Lean Six Sigma principles, we help you design efficient, effective workflows to meet your goals.
  • With a team devoted to analysis and benchmarking, we turn data into action as we work with you to establish strategic telemedicine goals that optimize your results.

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Why Our Telemed Solutions are Best-in-Class

  • SOC Telemed Graph Icon

    Industry Leading Reporting & Analytics

    Dynamic reports to enable insights and benchmarking

  • Lean Six Sigma Icon - SOC Telemed

    Lean Six Sigma Workflow Optimization

    Implementing efficient, effective telemed workflows with data-driven insights

  • 24/7 Service SOC Telemed icon

    Consult Coordination Center

    Coordinators work 24/7/365 to facilitate each clinician-to-patient interaction, ensuring every consult is seamless from start to finish.

  • SOC Physician icon

    Dedicated Physician Network

    Experienced, US board-certified physicians with full accountability for every telemed consult

  • SOC Telemed EMR Integration

    EMR Integration

    Seamless EMR integration with any system and configuration

  • Customizable Business Rules

    Flexible Algorithms to achieve clinical and financial objectives