Telemedicine’s Growing Influence in U.S. Healthcare

picture of Mauricio Sirvent

When it comes to healthcare costs in the U.S., the individual, corporations and government alike are all seeing costs reach extreme levels.  So, how do we get more from our medical system for less? Telemedicine’s growing influence in U.S. Healthcare can help.

The role of telemedicine and its potential reach in the continuum of care remains largely untapped. As the use of telemedicine continues its expansion outside of hospitals, we can reasonably predict that many routine and specialized needs will be delivered via outpatient care in the not-so-distant future.

Telemedicine continues to promote growth and innovation in many areas, including:

  • Rural care
  • Correctional care
  • Outpatient post-acute care

The more connected we are as a society, the better we are. With better technology and a faster and more robust flow of data, telemedicine is beginning to find its sweet spot in the digital landscape of health care.

SOC Telemed’s General Manager of Neurology, Mauricio Sirvent, was recently published by MedCity News sharing his thoughts on how telemedicine continues to influence the healthcare industry. Read the full article here: The evolving influence of telemedicine.