SOC and UCLA Present New Stroke Data at the International Stroke Conference

The 2011 ISC in Los Angeles marked the first time that SOC data has been highlighted at international meeting and the first time that our vast collection of data has been mined and presented in poster form and submitted for publication. Latish Ali and colleagues from UCLA and SOC presented a poster entitled,  A National US Telestroke Delivery System: Patient Characteristics and Frequency of Thrombolytic Therapy Delivery. All SOC hospitals in 2009, were plotted on a map and the population within 30 minute driving time was calculated. Over 34 million people had access to our teleneurology hospitals, representing 12% or the US population.  This number is only growing as we continue to contract with more hospitals in multiple states. It’s amazing to realize that when I’m on call for SOC that, from my home office, I could potentially provide emergency Neurology care to over 12% of the US population!