Specialists On Call Surpasses 300,000 Tele-Consultations

Reston, VA – March 15, 2017 – Specialists On Call, Inc. (“SOC”), the nation’s leading provider of clinical telemedicine services and technology to acute care hospitals, announced that it has now delivered over 300,000 teleconsultations to hospitals across the nation. The milestone consultation occurred at Community Regional Medical Center (“CRMC”) in Fresno, California. The tele-Psychiatry consultation was conducted by Dr. Jennifer Hailey for a patient in CRMC’s emergency department who required urgent psychiatric evaluation and was ultimately referred to CRMC’s inpatient mental health program.

“Specialists On Call has reached another milestone in its journey to serve and transform America’s healthcare system by enabling patients to have increased and timely access to the highest quality specialists by utilizing the power of telemedicine.” said Dr. Til Jolly, CMO of SOC. “We continue to observe the tremendous strain that U.S. hospitals are under to care for patients with mental health disorders, and the need for experienced specialists to quickly intervene to help ease the overcrowding in emergency departments and the related costs. To that end, SOC is committed to having a Psychiatrist on demand to rapidly appear on video for a patient consult in the ED.”

“We are happy to be the site of SOC’s milestone teleconsultation. We have implemented a successful and growing tele-Psychiatry program with SOC since late 2014 and look forward to our continued partnership.” said Dr. Mark Kestner, Chief Medical & Innovation Officer of CRMC.

Community Regional Medical Center is operated by Community Medical Centers, the largest healthcare provider and private employer in the region. Since December, 2014, CRMC has partnered with SOC for tele-Neurology and tele-Psychiatry services and seen steady growth in its patient volumes related to these specialties. Together, CRMC and SOC have implemented best practice initiatives that have increased workflow efficiency and clinical outcomes in the Emergency Department, and their teams continue to hold joint biweekly meetings to streamline processes and set new goals.

“SOC enables us to take our single-minded commitment to our patients to another level. At CRMC we are constantly pushing the envelope to innovate and improve the clinical care and experience for our patients and we see a partner like SOC being an important part of that process.” added Dr. Kestner

“I am pleased and proud to be part of this remarkable achievement,” said Dr. Jennifer Hailey, who constantly marvels at the seamless access and efficiency of telemedicine. “With SOC’s telemedicine solution, it feels as if I am right there by the bedside of the patient. Being part of the SOC network has allowed me to extend my practice across the country and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help patients who might otherwise not have access to a Psychiatrist in their urgent moment of need.”

The announcement follows other milestones recently accomplished by SOC including its acquisition of NeuroCall, Inc., the launch of a touch screen telemedicine cart and the introduction of a flexible, turnkey, managed services technology and operations platform for hospitals to customize and build their telemedicine programs. In addition, SOC raised $50 million in new capital late last year which will be used to fund their increased investments and expansion of capabilities as they continue rolling out innovative telemedicine products and services.