A Partner Approach to Ensure Telemedicine Success

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With an industry like healthcare, taking a partner approach to ensure telemedicine success is critical. When all parties focus on quality patient care, efficiency, and continual improvement, we can build long-term strategic partnerships. The SOC Telemed Client Success team serves as the critical intermediary between clients and the SOC team. For Ron Egan, Chief Customer Officer, that means being at the ready for clients as soon as implementation ends:

“From the moment our clients are ready to go live, we assign a dedicated Client Success Executive who owns the overall partnership, and the day-to-day needs in the client relationship.” – Ron Egan

How does the Client Success team ensure telemedicine success?

We have a team of dedicated account executives, whose job it is to provide a personal touch as we manage the client relationship for the life of the contract and beyond. We provide a single point of contact for all operational needs after go-live. Each Client Success Executive helps drive improved clinical care, patient outcomes and organizational efficiency. We conduct monthly operational calls with our end users to review current reporting and utilization analysis. We hold onsite quarterly business reviews with key stakeholders to measure the overall performance of our programs.

What do you like most about leading the Client Success team?

In many local communities the need for access to healthcare is great. Due to the partnership between hospitals and SOC, people’s lives are positively impacted having 24/7 access to specialists through telemedicine. One of the most rewarding parts of our work is hearing directly from our client partners to thank SOC for life-saving or care-improving interactions they had with one of our physicians.

How does the process of ongoing engagement ensure telemedicine success?

The Client Success team is responsible for the day-to-day communication with our partners. We actively participate in client meetings to ensure that their broader organizational goals and our services align. We also guide our clients to improvements in terms of the overall program and experience. Ultimately, we become keepers of strategic, operational knowledge for our hospital partners.

We have benchmark data, client relationship data, and evidence-based proof of the success of telemedicine in these partner systems. Across the board, we’re able to drive better experiences, data, communication, relationships, and outcomes. All of that starts on the client success side.

Together, we build two-way communication channels; healthcare organizations share their strategic goals with us, and we work hard to make sure the SOC team and the SOC telemedicine platform can meet their needs. We’re the conduit of communication with our clients and communication is achieved more effectively this way. It’s very relationship oriented and it’s how we turn customers into partners.

“Much of the innovation that’s driven at this company happens because of this direct line of communication and the great relationships we have with our clients. When they tell us what they are looking for, we work to make it happen,” explains Egan.

Why is the Client Success team so important not only to clients, but also to SOC?

We are not only responsible for working closely with our external client partners but also collaborate internally across many departments within our organization. Every day, we focus on helping our colleagues work seamlessly together in supporting our client partners and the patients they serve.

Last year, we launched a new intake process. That was a result of a few clients who provided some feedback to us that the intake process, whether via call-in or online, was a little too complex. Working with operations, IT, and our physician practice group, we were able to revisit that process for a small pilot group of clients to create a simplified process. It was a lot of internal work, but ultimately, we went out to the broader market for all of our 850+ clients with this new intake approach. This type of feedback is essential to us for continuous improvement.

What is your vision for the future of the department?

The long-term goal is that we become even more strategic in terms of our partnerships with hospitals and health systems. We have the resources and the platform to achieve more with telemedicine than just about any other organization in the world. For us, being more proactive, asking deeper and more thoughtful questions about the future of client telemedicine programs will allow us to build our solutions to support their vision.

Our goal is to ensure SOC is a partner for the future. It’s one thing to discuss an immediate business problem, such as the lack of internal physician resources. However, ensuring telemedicine success requires meaningful dialogue with our client partners to help develop a strategic plan for true enterprise telemedicine.


For more information on how the SOC approach to partnership can ensure telemedicine success for your organization, contact us for a working discussion.