New Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines Released at the International Stroke Conference

As the leading teleNeurology provider, Specialists on Call (SOC) is continually focused on clinical advancements in the field. Several SOC physicians and executives were at the 2018 International Stroke Conference to attend valuable educational sessions and network with other clinical leaders. At the conference, new acute AHA/ASA Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines were released and will change the way clinicians treat large vessel/severe strokes. While the headlines are striking—expanding the treatment window from 6 to 24 hours allows larger percentage of stroke patients to benefit from endovascular treatment—there is much work ahead for clinicians and health systems.

TeleNeurology providers are in a unique position to help hospitals implement these changes. Given that SOC and other telemedicine providers see so many stroke patients annually, we can drive changes to protocols much more rapidly than previously possible within health systems. We can also assess the effects of these updated protocols across a wide range of hospitals throughout the country. No one hospital could possibly treat the thousands of stroke patients that SOC and other telemedicine providers see every year, and with such a breadth of severity.

So, what does this mean for hospitals utilizing teleNeurology?

  • Speedier decision-making when time is of the essence in stroke care
  • More treatment options—more patients will be eligible for brain saving procedures because of the expanded window
  • Improved patient care and increased revenue—fewer patients will be transferred because of lack of neurologists, and endovascular procedures will increase based on revised guidelines
  • Provide competitive advantage to hospitals by raising their reputation for excellent stroke care

For more on this topic, please review Telemedicine Helps Providers Navigate Increasingly Complex Stroke Decisions—Here’s How, a whitepaper collaboration between Becker’s Hospital Review and SOC.

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