Mitigating Liability Risk in Telemedicine

mitigating liability risk for telemedicine

According to the American Hospital Association, more than three-quarters of hospitals are currently using or implementing telehealth. This rapid-fire spread of utilization in acute settings is in part attributed to telemedicine’s capacity for improved quality of care, patient outcomes, and cost efficiencies. Despite these advantages, hospitals need to mitigate liability risk in telemedicine.

Hospital systems presently with or considering telemedicine programs must understand the applicable legal limits, as well as critical ways to minimize their risk. It is important to note that the physician [virtually] present in the room is not the only one who incurs liability risk. Hospitals and emergency rooms offering telemedicine services can also minimize their risk by way of a three key considerations:

  • Maintaining Open, Clear Communication
  • Acting as Partners in Care
  • Keeping Proper Documentation

SOC Telemed recently shared with MedCity News our thoughts on how hospitals and physicians can minimize their liability risk in telemedicine. Read the full article here: Liability risk in telehealth: 7 things to consider.