Acute Telemedicine in 2019: A Wrap Up

Our SOC Telemed blog focused on practical advice and insight about acute telemedicine in 2019. Topics such as teleNeurology, Quality, Telemedicine Reimbursement, Clinician Shortages, Burnout, and Hospitalists proved most popular. Let’s take a look back…

How Telestroke has Paved the Way for Broader teleNeurology Services

Dr. Eric Anderson, SOC Chair of Neurology, explains how telestroke has evolved into wider teleNeurology services such as treating epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

How Telemedicine Benefits an Aging Population

Our guest blogger, Tim Dall, healthcare economist, breaks down why telemedicine benefits an aging patient–and doctor–population.

Addressing Clinician Burnout with Telemedicine

Impacting nearly every aspect of clinical care, clinician burnout leads to consequences for doctors, patients, and health systems. How can telemedicine help?

Revenue Cycle Management for Telemedicine

It is time to rethink revenue cycle management for telemedicine. Find out why from SOC’s Anton Arbatov, VP of Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance.

Clinical Quality Management Program in Telemedicine

“Just because it takes place in a virtual environment changes nothing,” says Martha Garcia, VP of Clinical Quality and Compliance. Read why a clinical quality management program in telemedicine is no different than at a brick-and-mortar hospital.

Physician Shortages Drive Growth in telePsychiatry

Shortages of psychiatrists have reached national crisis levels, specifically in rural areas where there is little to no access to timely, quality care. Learn how these shortages are driving growth in telePsychiatry.

How Telemedicine Addresses Hospitalist Staffing Challenges

Hospitalist programs and telemedicine are a natural fit. The scalable, flexible nature of remote healthcare can enable optimization of hospitalist resources.

Telemedicine: Reassuring Patients, Families and Doctors Alike

All medicine and healing—whether the physician is physically in the room or on video—is based on one fundamental principle: trust. Learn how telemedicine physicians

Viewpoint: What’s Next for Telemedicine?

Our COO and CFO, Hai Tran, shared his thoughts with Healthcare Business Today on looking beyond the big three telemedicine services: teleNeurology, telePsychiatry, and teleICU to overcome other challenges in hospital-based telemedicine.

What Are the Essential Components of an Enterprise Telemedicine Platform?

An enterprise telemedicine platform should go beyond mere connectivity to actually influence certain variables throughout an organization to improve clinical outcomes, drive operational efficiencies and optimize financial investment.

Workflow Benefits of Telemedicine Integration with Hospital EMRs

Genesis HealthCare System, in Zanesville, Ohio, is reaping the benefits of streamlined turnaround time for critical information in their stroke care program by integrating telemedicine with their EMR.

Hidden Heroes of Telemedicine

A telemedicine consult is not just a doctor on a screen. The dispatchers, coordinators and supervisors are the hidden heroes of telemedicine. Learn more about this important role in life-saving care.

A Partner Approach to Ensure Telemedicine Success

When all parties focus on quality patient care, efficiency, and continual improvement, we can build long-term strategic partnerships for telemedicine success.

RACER: Successful 18-hour Emergency Telemedicine Implementation at Onslow Hospital

How do you implement emergency telemedicine in only 18 hours during a disaster? Teamwork. Learn how SOC Telemed, Sound Physicians and Onslow Memorial Hospital made it happen during Hurricane Florence.

Sandra Bland Act: Telemedicine is Coming to Texas Jails

For the correctional communities of Texas, telePsychiatry may prove to be the best practice in complying with the Sandra Bland Act’s mental health requirements.

Is TeleHealth Really, Truly, Finally at a Tipping Point?

Telemedicine is making greater inroads in providing care to an expanding patient population. But for it to become simply healthcare, providers need to reimagine the care models. See what the experts had to say at the HLTH2019 conference.

Telemedicine’s Growing Influence in U.S. Healthcare

Mauricio Sirvent, SOC’s General Manager of Neurology, explains why telemedicine is one of the ways we can get more from our medical system for less.

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